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Who is Likwid Asset?

1) Who is Likwid?

Likwid is a brand by EBRIC, a tech start-up aiming to democratize the world of high-value asset investments, offering a hassle-free investment experience for all income groups around the world.

2) What does Likwid do?

Likwid provides a platform for users to have equal opportunity to invest in high-value assets that are not easily accessible in the market today. Starting with Real Estate and Solar Projects, we are revolutionizing the asset investment space today through increased transparency, security, and accessibility.

3) Is Likwid regulated by any authorities?

Likwid is the sole reseller of Asset Tokens for EBRIC (Labuan) Ltd, which is one of the first few companies in Southeast Asia granted a license by the Labuan Financial Securities Authority (LFSA).