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Token Selling Process

Can I sell my BRIC(s) anytime I want?

BRIC(s) can only be sold after the lock-in period, if any. To sell the BRIC(s), please contact our customer service at [email protected] Below are the terms and conditions that apply: 1) BRIC owners are only allowed to sell back 2,000 USD worth of BRICs per week. 2) The token sell-back progress takes up to 10 business days. 3) Token sell-back is subject to Likwid Asset's approval. BRIC Owner needs to fulfill the below requirements:
✅ Completed eKYC ✅ Signed the Investor Agreement 4) A selling fee will be charged for any BRIC sell-back transaction: > Sell back to Likwid Asset: 5% of the original purchase amount > Sell on Likwid Asset’s secondary market: coming soon