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Eligibility to buy a BRIC

1) Who can invest in BRICs?

Anyone with a valid ID can invest!

2) Can a company or organisation invest?

Yes. Sophisticated Investors (SI), Accredited Investors (AI), Corporate Investors (CI), or Institutional Investors (II) are welcome to invest with us. Our product specialists will be in touch for any special investment arrangements. Contact us at 03-7626 4389 or email us at [email protected]

3) What is the minimum capital needed to be a BRIC owner?

You can start with a minimum of just $50! Our BRICs are perfect for those who want to invest in real-world assets without the hefty initial capital.

4) Do I need to have prior investment experience to start buying a BRIC?

No. Our BRICs are designed for both new and experienced investors.

5) Is there a minimum age to sign up?

The minimum age requirement to sign up is 18 years old. Subject to Account Opening T&C.

6) Are BRICs available in all countries?

We are available in all countries except for UN sanctions countries. You can find the list of UN sanctions countries here.