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Our Asset Tokens: BRICs

1) What is a BRIC?

A BRIC is a digital token that represents a part or a fraction of the underlying real-world asset you invested in. The concept is based on fractional investing, where the investor can purchase just a fraction or part of a tokenised asset rather than one whole.

2) What do I get after buying BRIC(s)?

Once you're a BRIC owner, you get to enjoy passive income from the returns and appreciation (if applicable) without the hassle of hands-on asset management. Enjoy diversifying your investment portfolio while reaping returns from the income-generating assets every day.

3) Why are BRICs being priced in USD?

As we are licensed from Labuan, we are obligated to operate in the global market by default. Additionally, the license mandates that we conduct our operations in USD. This is to ensure that our customers worldwide have a clear understanding of the value of the asset-backed tokens they are purchasing. We appreciate your interest in BRICs and hope this explanation clarifies any concerns you may have had.

4) Is there any lock-up period involved?

Lock-up period availability is per asset basis. If there is, it will be highlighted in the investment agreement of the asset.

5) Is there a limit to how many BRICs I can buy?

No, there is no purchase limit.

6) What is the payment method?

You can use either use debit cards, credit cards, or your PayPal account to buy BRICs.

7) If something is wrong with my BRICs, what should I do?

Contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected].