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Underlying Assets: Solar Project & Property

1) Do I own the physical fraction of the asset bought?

No, you do not own a physical fraction of the asset. However, you are entitled to returns and/or capital appreciation.

2) If I’m a fractional owner of an asset, what are my responsibilities?

Our goal is to remove all hassles of personally owning and managing a real-world asset, all you need to do is decide on an asset token that fits your investment appetite and enjoy the daily returns.

Solar Project

1) What is Token Maturity Date?

At Token Maturity Date, token holders will receive an amount based on the Buyback Price per Token and token quantity. E.g. If you own 2 tokens at maturity and the buyback price per token is USD 50, you will receive (USD 50 x 2) = USD 100.

2) What is Buyback Price per Token?

It is the amount that will be returned to the token holders at Token Maturity Date.

Real Estate

1) What is Net Rent?

Net rent is the total amount after rental subtracted from other expenses, such as maintenance expenses, property taxes, and insurance.

2) How is the annual rate of return calculated?

Your annual rate of return can be calculated using this simple formula:
Annual rate of return = ( Net rent per month x 12 ) / Total Investment Value