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What is Likwid Asset?

Likwid Asset is EBRIC's exclusive marketplace that makes our blockchain-based tokens (BRICs) available for investors worldwide.

About Likwid Asset

  • Likwid Asset is a revolutionary Web 3 platform that lets you invest in fractions of high-value, income-generating assets like real estate and solar projects
  • Easily access high-value assets that were previously unavailable 24/7 without breaking the bank
  • Enjoy stable, sustainable income streams from underlying real-world assets
  • Invest with confidence in a regulated environment with as low as $50
  • Grants you autonomy to diversify beyond traditional stocks and bonds
  • Provides greater transparency and security through blockchain technology

What does Likwid Asset solve?

We believe in total equality and balance when it comes to investment. Everyone from all over the world should be able to access the real asset investment arena as everyone equally deserves to invest in some of the strongest asset classes in the world.
We provide a new, easier way to invest in real-world assets with fractional investing – an alternative approach to the traditional means of accessing the market. Likwid Asset empowers investors to invest and transact in ‘fractional’ pieces of real assets at their fingertips. BRIC owners can benefit from capital returns, without the hassle of managing the underlying assets.